Dec 6, 2010

... Jon's Challah French Toast

In honor of Jon's birthday I made him his favorite breakfast- Challah French Toast. Using brioche or challah for french toast is soooo much better than regular bread. Not only was this for Jon, but the recipe is also by Jon. I found the tripod David sent me so I went a little crazy with the picture taking...

- Challah or Brioche
- Eggs (you can use just whites, but I can tell the difference)
- little bit of vanilla
- little bit of OJ
- milk
- cinnamon (if that is your thing, I don't like it) 
- butter (once again, you can use a healthier option, but I can tell the difference)

Ok this is not food related at all, but I thought it was super cute. I was stretching after sitting for 3 hours straight writing a final and I decided to stretch it out.  Apparently Moses thought I was playing. 


Anjali said...

Looks yummy Alison! Cute dog too :)

Susan said...

Looks great- I make it the same way, minus the OJ (but will try that next time). But my question is, whose challah is that?!

Alison said...

Jon says it's to make the batter sweeter. Clearly it is not your challah, that is save for shabbat. We bought some from the co-op.